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Audible wants to give you the most complete selection we can and we'll keep adding series and filling in gaps as quickly as possible. Golden Threads Trilogy 2 books in series.

Thread Slivers Summary. Book 1.

Not Available on Audible. Book 2. Ticca, a junior mercenary woman doing everything possible to earn a recognized name, and Lebuin, a new wizard seeking powerful magics to become a master wizard, thought they had escaped their pursuers.

Thread Strands (Golden Threads Trilogy Book 2) by Leeland Artra

Except their Nhia-Samri pursuers set a trap in the ancient city of Algan ensnaring them. They're discovery that they are being targeted for death by the mysterious Nhia-Samri, led by an evil, demi-godlike Grand Warlord, tosses everything they knew into the wind.

To survive Ticca, Lebuin, and Ditani must stop a guild of mercenaries capable of threatening entire kingdoms. Events spiral out of control as they discover shocking truths about their attackers and themselves.

Book the Second: The Golden Thread Chapters 1–4

Joined by unexpected allies, they must play the deadly games in a race for forbidden knowledge hoping to prevent the coming war. Leeland Artra is a science fiction and fantasy junkie turned author.

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He's also a Navy-trained computer scientist, an experienced table-top gamer, and a "code janitor" for Expedia. By day, he helps people take fabulous vacations. By night, he takes readers on fantastic trips of the imagination through the worlds of his books. He lives in the Emerald City Seattle with his wonderful wife and idea-inspiring kids.

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