Manual Ruminations of an Old Codger

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The reactions of most he greeted were usually less than enthusiastic. Cheerfulness and sociability are sometimes diluted by the problems and worries of everyday life. Too often we forget the essential needs of people to see a friendly countenance and hear a word of encouragement. This extraordinary young man reminded me that it is all too easy to become engrossed in self to the point that we lose much joy in the process.

Life experiences during the years since then have proven the metaphor to be a worthy one. Memories do lurk in the nooks and crannies, or shadows , of our minds.

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Oftentimes the good ones emerge from their hiding places to remind us of good times and happy moments, while the bad ones tend to hide themselves behind whatever cover they can find, be it rationalization, or vague feelings of remorse, or guilt. Most people learn of ways to flush the bad memories from the shadows, deal with them in the bright light of truth, and bury them in the graveyards of their minds, never to be bothered by them again.

Yaacov Lozowick's Ruminations: Carmit Feintuch: A Rabbanit in Jerusalem

That is the healthy way, and those with the ability to do so make more room for the memories which support and strengthen their happiness. A neighbor of ours has a big dog in his backyard, a Boxer. Each day he lets the dog out to roam the neighborhood and find a place to use as a toilet. Our yard seems to be his favorite location.

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In warm weather, the dung glitters in the sun and attracts flies, and it leaves a yellow circle of damaged grass wherever it's deposited. In winter, it freezes hard as rocks and can bruise the foot if stepped on unawares. In other respects, the neighbor is a good one. It is only natural then that we wonder what selfishness, or weird humor, or pompous nature, underlies the act. We can accept drought and other calamities of nature.

We can even adapt to the discomfort and inconvenience of buzzing insects. But please deliver us from all that dog excrement! I have noticed that most people have a degree of innate reticence concerning social relations.

The Stranglers - Old Codger

It varies with individuals, but it's always there, hovering silently in the background of human activity. Whether its roots are in the common instinct for survival or sprung from some experience or need, I do not know. Yet, to speculate on the matter is unimportant: such knowledge that might be gained by close examination would undoubtedly generate a whole new profession led by gurus intent on creating patients and milking them for all they can, while elevating themselves and their profession to extreme heights of snobbery.

Wiggins says to let it be! The various aspects of human personality and behavior are like the stars in the sky: they are uncountable, beyond accurate assessment, and an eternal mystery to the human mind. Like everything else in the universe, this particular characteristic has its place and purpose.

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A pair of robins have their nest in the top of our peach tree. Today, I found a baby robin on the ground under the tree. It was squawking pitifully and waving its head on its wobbly neck. I got my ladder and placed it back in its nest. There was another baby bird in the nest, so I nudged it aside gently and placed its sibling next to it.

A Very Old Man With an Enormous Bag of Drugs

Then I went back to work in my nearby shop. About an hour later, I came out of the shop and found the baby bird on the ground again. I got my ladder and was in the process of returning it to the nest when its mother attacked me. After swooping down, kamikaze style, and hitting me in the head, she perched on a limb two feet away and scolded me incessantly with her abrasive chatter.

After I put the baby bird back in the nest, she zoomed over my head, still fussing at me, until I went back into the shop. After another hour, I went back outside and the baby bird was again lying on the ground. The mother robin immediately flew over to me, circled my head, and made such a racket that I believed she was either trying to scare me or cussing me out.

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She landed in a pear tree a few feet away and brazenly continued to fuss at me. She was so excited, or angry, that the feathers on her back stood up. I fussed back at her and shamed her for treating her baby so terribly. I invite you to relax and enjoy my latest book of short stories. Secret loves, unrecognized prejudices, illogical fears, and crying needs are often hidden in human hearts and minds In each person, these feelings and emotions exist simultaneously with an untested potential for cowardice or heroism in the face of adversity. Whether an unexpected problem is major or minor makes no difference to one obsessed with these crippling attributes, the reaction will usually be weak and ineffective and quite possibly make matters worse.

On the other hand, there are some who find extra strength and courage to deal heroically with circumstances that seem impossible to resolve. Whether discouraged to the point of despair or inspired to persevere, there is a story to tell for each one of them. It has been my pleasure to delve into the hearts and minds of my characters and present to my readers a variety of people and situations that will both surprise them and entertain them. A feeling that comes upon us, usually without solicitation, and which can influence our moods and behavior in mysterious ways.

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They can force a change in habits, or a re-evaluation of values, or the achievement of extraordinary goals. Whether intentionally used or not, inspirations are driving forces in our lives that are always available to us in one form or another. This is a short biography of Tinker Carlen, a guitarist and singer in the world-famous Cricket band. In , only 30, Texas State residents , which was only 8. See long description for more information.

Do you like inspiration? Would you like to maximize your contentment and happiness? It can even be a life-changing motivator to you, as it has been to others. Check it out. I have been fortunate to have a long life that, although hard at times, has been good, productive, and adventurous. When my children asked me to do an autobiography, I had misgivings about such a difficult and comprehensive project.

So I consulted my good friend, confidante, and mentor, Mr. Wiggins, and this is what he advised:. Instead, do your best to remember the results of your experiences and record some humor, some important thoughts—good or bad—some wisdom, and perhaps some practical lessons you gleaned from your experiences.

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