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Made adjutant upon joining the Free French and serving on Bristol Blenheims , he saw action across Africa and was promoted to second lieutenant. On 25 January , his pilot was blinded, albeit temporarily, and Gary talked him to the bombing target and back home, the third landing being successful.

Romain Gary

This and the subsequent BBC interview and Evening Standard newspaper article were an important part of his career [8]. As a bombardier-observer in the Groupe de bombardement Lorraine No. Immediately following his service in the war, he worked in the French diplomatic service in Bulgaria and Switzerland.

Gary became one of France's most popular and prolific writers, authoring more than 30 novels, essays and memoirs, some of which he wrote under a pseudonym. He is the only person to win the Prix Goncourt twice. This prize for French language literature is awarded only once to an author. Gary's cousin's son Paul Pavlowitch posed as the author for a time.

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In addition to his success as a novelist, he wrote the screenplay for the motion picture The Longest Day and co-wrote and directed the film Kill! In , he was a member of the jury at the 29th Berlin International Film Festival. They married in and divorced in According to Diego Gary, he was a distant presence as a father: "Even when he was around, my father wasn't there.

Obsessed with his work, he used to greet me, but he was elsewhere. After learning that Jean Seberg had an affair with Clint Eastwood , Gary challenged him to a duel , but Eastwood declined. Gary died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound on 2 December in Paris. He left a note which said that his death had no relation to Seberg's suicide the previous year.

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Lesley Blanch m. Jean Seberg m.

The Return of Romain Gary, Novelist, Diplomat, War Hero, Prankster

Daily Forward. Retrieved 21 June Romain Gary: the man who sold his shadow. But, over the next few years, as he struggles to survive, joins a band of partisans, falls in love with a teen prostitute, and learns to kill he receives the education of the title: In Europe we have the oldest cathedrals, the oldest universities, the greatest libraries and the best education.

But in the end, what this European education comes down to is to teach you how to find the courage to shoot a man who sits there with lowered head It's an inevitably dark view of the continent , from a man whose Jewish family had fled Vilnius, but in the resistance of Janek and the Poles and their battle for freedom we also get the idealism with which Gary offset his dim take on the times. He wrote novels under many names, won major prizes and married an iconic actress.

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But in the end, writes David Bellos, his fictions destroyed him.