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Throughout his first year in office, the President worked to drain the swamp and created more transparency.

Trump's major promises have been abandoned or ignored -- by his own administration.

President Trump repealed the Obamacare individual mandate, expanded plan choices and increased competition to bring down costs for consumers. President Trump built stronger rural communities by ensuring Americans have access to the quality infrastructure they deserve.

Trump picks the wrong slogan: ‘Promises made, promises kept’

President Trump and his Administration protected life by fighting back against illegal drug shipments, opioid abuse, and abortion service providers. Keeping America Great!

Promises Made, Promises Kept

President Donald J. Trump Accomplishments.

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Immigration President Trump protected the American homeland by enforcing immigration laws, so that every American can feel safe in their community. Regulation President Trump removed red tape and ended unnecessary regulations that stifle economic growth and prosperity.

Land and Agriculture President Trump created a task force on agriculture and rural prosperity that included actions to improve the lives of rural Americans. Law and Justice President Trump partnered with local communities and worked with local law enforcement to protect American communities.

Energy and Environment President Trump reversed years of policies that locked up American energy and restricted our ability to sell to other countries.

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The deduction will increase to 28 percent , 42 percent in , 56 percent in , 70 percent in , 84 percent in , and percent in Our relatives, friends, and neighbors who have established roots, raised their families, worked or run a business in Connecticut should not be forced to move out of state during their retirement years. Increasing the income threshold was the right thing to do. Although the cost of living in Connecticut seems fated to rise, we hope this bipartisan tax reform on Social Security, pensions and annuities will provide some relief so our retirees may retire in the state they have always called home.

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