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The depth soon became clarified. Pax Britannica would give way to Pax Americana. He detailed:. Last but not least, the Gulf War marks the dawning of the Pax Americana.

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True, that term was used immediately after World War II. But it was a misnomer then because the Soviet empire—a real competitor with American power—was born at the same moment. The result was not a "pax" of any kind, but a cold war and a bipolar world During the past two years, however, Soviet power has imploded and a bipolar world has become unipolar. The following year, in , a US strategic draft for the post-Cold War period was leaked to the press.

The person responsible for the confusion, former Assistant Secretary of State, Paul Wolfowitz , confessed seven years later: "In a draft memo prepared by my office at the Pentagon It won't work The phrase "American Empire" appeared in one thousand news stories over a single six-month period in Of course, enemies of the United States have shaken their fist at its "imperialism" for decades In , freelance writer, political satirist, and correspondent for the left-leaning Die Tageszeitung , Arno Frank, compared the spectacle of the visit by Imperator Bush to "elaborate inspection tours of Roman emperors in important but not completely pacified provinces—such as Germania".

Peter Bender, in his article "America: The New Roman Empire", [62] summarized: "When politicians or professors are in need of a historical comparison in order to illustrate the United States' incredible might, they almost always think of the Roman Empire. Rome and America both expanded in order to achieve security. Like concentric circles, each circle in need of security demanded the occupation of the next larger circle. The Romans made their way around the Mediterranean, driven from one challenger to their security to the next.

The struggles The boundaries between security and power politics gradually blurred. The Romans and Americans both eventually found themselves in a geographical and political position that they had not originally desired, but which they then gladly accepted and firmly maintained. In , American political author, Charles A. The Russian analyst Leonid Grinin argues that at present and in the nearest future Pax Americana will remain an effective tool of supporting the world order since the US concentrates too many leadership functions which no other country is able to take to the full extent.

Thus, he warns that the destruction of Pax Americana will bring critical transformations of the World-system with unclear consequences [73]. American imperialism is a term referring to outcomes or ideological elements of United States foreign policy. American imperialism concepts were initially a product of capitalism critiques and, later, of theorists opposed to what they take to be aggressive United States policies and doctrines.

Although there are various views of the imperialist nature of the United States, which describe many of the same policies and institutions as evidence of imperialism, explanations for imperialism vary widely. In spite of such literature, the historians Archibald Paton Thorton and Stuart Creighton Miller argue against the very coherence of the concept. Miller argues that the overuse and abuse of the term "imperialism" makes it nearly meaningless as an analytical concept.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the historical concept. For the documentary film, see Pax Americana and the Weaponization of Space. Period of peace in American-influenced regions. Main article: Gilded Age. Main article: Interwar period.

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Main article: Pax Britannica. Main article: American Century. Main articles: Great power and Superpower. The protected were mistaken when they assumed that they could use Rome or America to their own ends without suffering a partial loss of their sovereignty. They no longer know any foes, just rebels, terrorists, and rogue states. They no longer fight, merely punish. They no longer wage wars but merely create peace.

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They are honestly outraged when vassals fail to act as vassals. Main article: American imperialism. Nye, Jr. Philadelphia: Published by A. The Outlook. New York: Outlook Co, This sort of argument has no effect on the expansionist, because he believes that we have magnificently succeeded in our problem, in spite of failures, neglects, and violations of our own principles, and because what he wishes to do is, not to abandon the experiment, but, inspired by the successes of the past, extend the Pax Americana over lands not included in this continent.

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Roger E. Rather, they control the area's resources indirectly through business corporations and the financial lending institutions they dominate Anxieties of Empire and the Fiction of Intrigue. An introduction to the world-system perspective. Second Edition. Neocolonialism American style, — The Instruments of America's Foreign Policy. New York: Crowell, September Archived from the original PDF on 4 January Retrieved May 30, Nye Sr. Knopf, , p.

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