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Bethany Petersen is the rightful heir to the Petersen Estate, but her grandmother's will states otherwise. Instead, it will go to Walker Keane, the murderer of her sister Leanne grew up under the steady trickle of the harsh and belittling words of her critical mother, in the shadow of her sisters' perfection, and under the weight of a dark secret With his camera pointed in her direction, Ian tries to capture the real Renee, the one behind the veil of lies A knock on the door brings Lauren Ballard news of her husband's death and his adultery Michelle Lynn Brown.

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Add payment method. In the end, she was able to grow closer to God and find love again with someone who, not only, was worthy of her through God's eyes, but most importantly, truly loved God himself.

Sound Biblical message. Even though Christina's ex husband misused and distorted God's word to manipulate her, she somehow, still trusted God and knew he would answer her and get her through. She even had some positive and supportive people , such as her new pastor's wife, to remind her of that when she really needed advise. The author had many similarities to remind Christina of her past. The new love interest was a church leader, like her husband.

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His dog had her ex husband's name. Their was even poor Barbara, a teenager and Christina's student, who was harassed and attacked. All of these things were there to link Christina to memories of her negative experiences.

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I think there were a few too many parallels, but I understand why the author did it. Not a lot, just enough to get a picture in my head. I'm not sure what Christina or Nathan look like or any of the side characters. A defining detail to help remember them would be nice. I even like a few words about where she lives.

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Is it brick house? Are there fragrant flowers that line the walkway?

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  6. Again, not pages and pages of description, just enough to get a picture in my head. Anti-climactic There were some parts of the story that I would've loved to have seen developed further.