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Scott Bryan Wilson

If our work is done in Christ's name, are we not working with God just as really as though preaching, holding Bible readings, distributing tracts, or engaging in any other line of gospel work Sanitarium a number o f years ago, W e are glad to say that opportunities The need of medical missionaries to labor in con- for this line of work abound on every hand, at home nection with gospel missionary work in foreign lands, and abroad. But it is medical missionaries are called f o r with appeals the not necessary f o r 11s to look to foreign countries alone most piteous.

A pathetic calls f o r medical missionaries from some new brother remarked to us the other d a y quarter. White, Elder W. White, and " I have a Elder G.

Scott Esposito

T e n n y are appealing constantly, and with medical missionary, and wishes to know if she is old increasing urgency, f o r medical missionaries qualified enough to labor in Australasia. Gates appeals to b e g i n. E v e n a m o n g the wilds o f This munificent sum w a s donated b y a lady Central A f r i c a there is n o greater need f o r m e d i c a l a m e m b e r o f the Presbyterian denomination who, missionary w o r k than in the v e r y heart o f s o m e o f the while visiting great centers of o u r so-called civilization.

I n New acquainted with the work, and was so impressed by York, Philadelphia, Louis, its beneficent character that she voluntarily p r o p o s e d Cincinnati, Chicago, St. Has The without when has s o g r a c i o u s l y g i v e n us a great b o d y o f God important truths In regard t o this work we are t o l d that ' ' o u r heavenly Father is contributed on condition that additional means shall be raised f o r f u r n i s h i n g and equipments. The sum o f ten t h o u s a n d dollars is needed f o r this purpose, and the need is v e r y urgent.

S h o u l d we not take h o l d o f this work wanted to q u a l i f y themselves t o g o o u t as physicians, with earnestness and zeal t o retrieve, s o f a r as possi- lecturers, teachers, nurses, and as medical missiona- ble, the lost opportunities which our apathy and It is a matter of great e n c o u r a g e m e n t t o t h o s e w h o are especially interested in this line o f work, to note t h e increasing interest w h i c h our p e o p l e generally are t a k i n g in the s u b j e c t ries in Those neglect h a v e a l l o w e d to pass u n i m p r o v e d of medical missionary work, other who capacities in t h e g r e a t harvest are encouragement e n g a g e d in that God this field.

From Jamaica " It is with great pleasure that I write you in regard to books and papers sent me. I cannot express my feelings of gratitude for the book 'Great Controversy.

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Kitts, w h o has b e g u n the observance of the Sabbath and is letting his light shine b e f o r e others. Bible Readings," was safely and thankfully received.

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When I realize how useful this book will be to me, I can only say, May the Giver of all gifts " I beg to own receipt of your favor, and to thank you for the re- This book is indeed an invaluable help to any one mittance of half dozen tracts in Spanish, as well as bound book who is wishful of becoming acquainted with the important truths descriptive of your country; but the late number of the Good of our time. Health has not arrived " Thanks for the tracts which I have distributed, and to my comfort and joy, found that by means of them much good has baen done.

Send more of your traets, especially on the Sabbath question. There are thousands yet who should learn this important truth. Send me more of these. Plenty of persons may be found who will enjoy this reading, I am sure. It has been a pleasure to me for some time to distribute tracts at my own expense, and I have found it easy to dispose of hundreds. I feel quite sure that he will become a disciple. My esteemed friend, , puts his Good Health there, and this gave me the idea.

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Some of them I take to the hospital, and the little lads were quite eager for them after I had taken them once. If you would like to have the names of another Moravian or two who would take great pleasure in circulating good reading matter, I would mention the names of , are engaged for the Master. Wishing you and all your fellow-workers rich blessings from our heavenly Father, I remain. From England ing-room. Should you send again, I shall have much pleasure in distributing it as judiciously as I can.

Later he writes pamphlets on the Sabbath.

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I like wholesome literature, They were In fact, I have nothing on hand of what you sent. All our printing is done in the Spanish language, and there is no fund for English literature; so our little American children would have lost much enjoyment but for these papers. The Youths Instructor and the Little Friend are the most taking among the big folks as well as the little.

May the Lord bless your labor of love. I now see that God not the death of the sinner, who, dying in all his sins, could not enjoy heaven; and that there is mercy in removing him from that place which to him would be otherwise than blessed, there being no probation after death for accepting the atonement, which alone can change his nature and fit him for heavenly enjoyment.

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United States of America, if we exclude Alaska. W e neiro, a company of German Sabbath-keepers has for are glad therefore that the monthly round of subjects some time been reporting a good field for labor, with brings us to the consideration of the southern half of appeals f o r help. Hearing almost nothing about the South American countries in the newspapers, save reports of revolutions, we are apt to get very imperfect ideas o f them.

Speaking o f popular North American ignorance on this subject, a well-known writer in the New England Magazine says 1' Until recently, the books used in our schools had not been corrected for more than a quarter of a century. The same wild horses that roamed with flowing mane and foaming nostrils over the pampas of the Argentine Republic when our fathers studied geography, still embellished the text-books, notwithstanding the fact that they disappeared long before the buffalo of Kansas ; and the familiar pictures of 'the belles of Lima ' that ornamented the picture books of the last generation, still remained to represent a people that received their fashions from Paris quite as soon and quite as anxiously as the women of Boston or New York.

Their systems of education have been framed upon the plan of ours ; and in several of them even more radical measures have been adopted to increase the intelligence of the people. Their universities are of a standard that compare well with any in this country, and in most of the republics the attendance of children at the public schools is compulsory. They have more newspapers in proportion to their population than we have, and some of their periodicals are of a high order. Our work is represented in four different quarters of the continent. For a number of years a company Still farther south, in the Argentine Republic, is another company of Sabbath-keepers rejoicing in the third angel's message, and doing what they can to extend it.

Some years ago a copy of our French paper fell into the hands of individuals in Northern Africa, and resulted in a company of Sabbath-keepers being raised up in Algeria. From this company went out a num- ber of families, who have settled in Chili, where we may expect to find them preparing the field for the entrance of laborers. Having thus glanced at the field in general, we give some reports from the canvassers in the Argentine Republic.

That the Spirit of the Lord has gone out before us here we cannot doubt, when we consider that the brethren of Santa were impressed some three years ago to take up the study of the Sabbath question, even before they had heard of us as a people. As a I may of believers has been holding to the truth, in British also add that the indications are that a good work is Guiana to be done for the English people of this country.

For something about the country in which they are located, see the very inter- I judge thus from the good words received in favor of esting letter from Brother Arnold in the Review of "Great April 12 ; also the report from Brother Chadwick in Cases might be mentioned, but our purpose is to the Review of June The light has found an entrance into the united Controversy" where we have delivered. Owing to the blighting influences of Catholicism, THE HOME which has held sway for centuries here, it might seem that the outlook from this standpoint is not very encouraging.

However, a close observer can see that influences are at work whereby this barrier is disappearing. This is evident from the supreme contempt in which the priests are held by the better class of people, and the men in general. At one of the native services recently held in Buenos Ayres, we counted but about half a dozen men, and I am informed that this is the case generally. The commercial intercourse with other nations is tending to inculcate a more liberal and tolerant spirit in the Argentines. Owing to the natural aversion to pork, this article of diet is rarely seen on the tables of natives, beef and mutton being the staple meats used.

Probably the most formidable obstacle that would be met with iD the dietary line is the almost universal use of mate, or Paraguay tea, which is usually taken the first thing after rising in the morning, and is prepared in the following manner A little of the tea is placed in a small bowl made for the purpose, into which hot water is poured.

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After steeping awhile, the mate is sucked through a tin tube with a bulb at one end so punctured as to serve as a strainer. This is a very lazy habit, and 'to it, no doubt, is due some of the other lazy habits which the Argentines have fallen into. One thing which would tend to make the work of the medical missionary popular is the general inefficiency of the native medical fraternity. And further, every medical prescription must have the signature of a physician before it can be filled by an apothecary, a stipulation which is very inconvenient, to say the least, for people remote from towns.

For these and other reasons, simple remedies and treatment that could be applied in any place, would be very popular. It is this feature of our health books that gives them prestige in the camp country, we having sold them in the same places where other medical works prescribing drugs had been sold years ago. In regard to the English-speaking population we would say that this field is more vast in its extent than we had any idea of, and must afford us employment for more than a year to come.