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Yes, we do know that Pride and Prejudice is the epitome of romantic ideals.


However, the relationships among five very unique sisters was well-described by the author. One of the well-explored books on the themes of sibling relationships, Pride and Prejudice discusses the rivalries, frustrations, and critiques of the five sisters coupled with some strong mutual affection for one another.

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This book is one of the biggest examples of the fact that siblings who grow up together need not necessarily share similar mannerisms, behaviors, or even values. The book also shows us that despite all these striking differences in attitudes, siblings share a bond that cannot be broken, no matter what.

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Nominee of the Man Booker Prize, this novel is about the contradictory lives of two brothers, Subhash and Udayan. Born in Calcutta, now Kolkatta, the brothers are inseparable and like-minded in their childhood.

However, their ideologies gradually differ when Subhash moves away from home to the U. What makes this book unputdownable is the unexpected yet smooth shifts in points of view which happen in different time periods.

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Also, the storytelling method of Ms. Lahiri is unique and quirky while echoing the experiences of the brothers. As you read this novel, you will be taken into a world of love and the complications associated with it. From topics as simple as friendship between brothers to something as sensitive as homosexuality, Ms. Lahiri handles the narration of various emotions in quite a perfect manner.

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All these and more make this book a worthy read for everyone. Written in the point of view of the 9-year-old Beezus alias Beatrice, this book takes us through the lives of Beezus and her younger sister Ramona. Filled with illustrations and quirky and funny incidents, this book erupts laughter at most places. A typical example of sibling rivalry and misunderstandings, this book reminds you of your childhood days with your sister. Remember the comedy drama by the Bard that many of us would have enacted or read in high school? Twelfth Night takes sibling relationship to a whole new level.

Viola and Sebastin, twins separated in a shipwreck, are the protagonists of this tale. To make the things more confusing, Olivia falls in love with Cesario Viola. The tale enters into a complete comedy-of-error phase when Sebastin, who was saved from the shipwreck, enters their lives. Considered as the classic of modern American literature, this Pulitzer Prize winning novel by Harper Lee focuses on the life of Jean Louise Finch and her older brother, Jem. The novel is well-celebrated for its warmth and humor.

Despite dealing with the serious issues like rape and racial inequality, this book is quite a pleasant read due to the brilliant narration of Harper Lee. The story runs over a span of three years and the main characters undergo a lot significant physical as well as psychological changes. The story is from Jeans point of view, and every girl who loved being a tomboy at one or other point of her life will correlate to Jeans character very well.

The love-hate relationship between Jean and her brother reminds every sister about her relationship with her brother. With tactic brilliance in his narration, the author has made this book a gripping read. While the story predominantly revolves around medical emancipation and other legal issues, the relationship between Kate and Anna is narrated in quite an interesting manner.

The story is simple and straightforward without much drastic twists and the characterization of Anna and Kate were done to perfection. The irony in the climax will definitely give you goosebumps. One of the boldest book by an Indian Author, The God of Small Things by Arundhathi Roy deals with Indian history, politics, class relations, cultural tensions, forbidden love, social discrimination, and betrayal. The story moves back and forth between two time periods: , when Rahel and Esthappen, the fraternal twins, were 7 years old and , when the twins are 31 years old.

Winner of the Booker Prize, this book explores some of the taboo topics in India like Dalit casteism, genetic sexual attraction, sex outside marriage, etc. While the book primarily deals with all these trivial yet crucial issues, the relationship between Rahel and Estha is well narrated.

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  • Life's Good, Brother: A Novel by Nâzım Hikmet Ran (1 star ratings).

Also, their relationship with their cousin Sophie is quite interesting. Strict and moralistic Lord Angelo, the temporary leader of Vienna, arrests Claudio impregnating his lover Juliet before marriage. When we told our son Clark that he would become a big brother — showing him ultrasound images and explaining that my belly would get bigger as the baby grew — he took it well, maybe better than we expected. This was good. Still, there were other signs that maybe the news was causing him anxiety. He was clingy when I dropped him off at daycare, and sometimes paid an excess amount of attention to my belly.

So we ordered a few online, and told him they were gifts from his soon-to-be baby brother.

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And technology nowadays is a miracle. This is a great habit to stick with once the new baby arrives. The transition from solo kid to sibling often parallels the transition from little to big, as in becoming a big sister or big brother. In this sweet story that's filled with retro-style illustrations, firstborn Matisse learns what it means to be a big sister and love a new baby with all your heart.