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Anytime I would get my camera out it always caused a bit of a scene - everyone wants their picture taken so they can see themselves on the tiny playback screen. After I chose these two ladies to photograph, the boys flew in just as I went go to take the picture. They are all so perfectly posed - I wish I could take credit for this composition but it was all them. I've been staring at this lot for a long time now but we are finally getting close to being done!

I'm never satisfied with the shading on faces. These guys have been shaded and highlighted multiple times each Thick paper is the secret here, otherwise I'd rub a hole straight through. That might not sound very interesting on it's own. But before a year ago, I had no idea I could draw. After buying a random charcoal set on a whim at the mall in South Africa, I drew a bird I saw in a magazine and thought, "Hey, this is kind of fun. And now, a year later, I've got my art site up and running and am selling prints of my pieces.

I have … artwork in four continents soon to be five! This year has been crazy. Here's some pictures of the process along the way. Thank you to everyone who encouraged me and has been supporting me! Can't wait to see what opportunities and adventures the next year holds.

I've now been working on my current piece for two whole months Which means I haven't had anything too new and interesting to share in a while. While not new, here's something a little interesting I think, at least. I did a few side-by-sides of original photos with my drawings, and I'm very encouraged in some ways and very challenged in others. If you live elsewhere and want to order prints, please just shoot me a message and I will add your country!

Picture: Dia das Criancas in 8x11 inches.

Two woman minimum-security inmates sought after walking away from Jean camp | KSNV

Hi all! I've been getting some feedback that my shop page isn't displaying very well on mobile devices. I'm sorry for the confusion with that, and I'll be looking into making it more phone friendly as soon as I can. In the meantime, the shop displays very well on desktops.

Sorry, this content is not available in your region.

I'd recommend viewing it from your home computer or laptop until I can make the mobile site a little more accessible. Thanks for your patience, this is all very new for me! It's finally all coming together! Got my last batch of proofs back from my printer, and today I got all my packaging materials to get my prints shipped safely shout out to the guy at Home Depot for helping my clueless self out! Been working on my shop all week and it's almost ready.

Woman possessed in hospital (REAL demonic possession!!)

Just waiting on a few more packaging things to come in the mail and then I can launch! So excited to get this thing going. Aller vers.

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Publications des visiteurs. Nadia Hattingh. Happy Place. My new life aim is to be covered in smile lines, not worry lines.

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The Hair Salon. Charcoal and Watercolor Paint. This piece isn't available in my shop yet but will be soon!

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I'll keep you posted. One year ago I drew a bird! International shipping now available! Items related to Leanna: Possession of a Woman. Leanna: Possession of a Woman. Marie Kiraly. Publisher: Berkley , This specific ISBN edition is currently not available. View all copies of this ISBN edition:.

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Synopsis Devastated by personal loss, Hailey, a writer, journeys to New Orleans, where she becomes obsessed with the voodoo legends of the region and with the life and death of the beautiful Leanna, a bewitching woman whose spiritual seduction drives Hailey to edge of madness. Buy New Learn more about this copy. Customers who bought this item also bought. Stock Image. Leanna: Possession of a Woman Marie Kiraly. Published by Berkley Seller Rating:.

Leanna: Possession of a Woman Kiraly, Marie.