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But last week Jeff took a turn and it wasn't good. His humans made the decision to let him go. I know sleddies are not immortal. But they're superheroes to me. But damn, if it doesn't take a little piece of my heart each time. Thank you to Jeff's humans and brother Ben for allowing Jeff to be Jeff.

Here's a few of my favourite Jeffy photographs. I managed to sneak a few more sleddies into the project and after their 'work' was done, it was time to zoom around outside and let the humans stand around and admire them and talk sleddie stuff. There are fewer and fewer of the Whistler dogs left, and the group is evolving, but it's staying strong and new sleddies are coming into care and there always seems to be something to learn. These adopters are something special As I was editing Candy's photos from today I wondered how many photos I got of her when I was in Whistler in - turns out more than I thought She's the dog responsible for the pawprint on Penny's white pants!

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Sweet Candy-girl xo. Today started with a walk in the woods with some sleddies and a pyrenees Ruff Sunday. Two super smart sleddies who love adventure! Second set of photos is Rosemary, the pittie in foster with the Victoria Humane Society who had 11 puppies 4 weeks and 3 days ago according to her foster mom, but who's counting!

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I met her a couple weeks ago so am sharing some of those photos as well. You may not see a difference in Rosie, but you will in her puppies! Today her puppies got to be outside for the first time! Rosie LOVES to meet new people and dogs but she gets a bit overexcited and jumpy so she's learning new ways and is very smart!

Let the love begin! Spring is on its way, and the dogs are feelin' full of beans! The photos I'm taking specific to the project will be displayed at a later date so be sure to check back! Each of these dog was different when they came for their session I call them "sessions" as opposed to "shoots" because some of these dogs have survived an actual shoot Some loved mugging for the camera, some I had to just had to sit and wait until they walked in fr ont of my lens, click the shutter and hope for the best.

Sled dogs, like all dogs, have their own unique personalities and needs.

Kismet - Ep. 6 "Foster Care Adoption and Reunion"

They don't all love and hate the same things as some lead us to believe I'm still looking for more retired sleddies to participate, so email me if you're interested! Want more retired sleddie stories? Click no further! Their story, although shocking, is not new. Fifteen dogs found abandoned on one foot chains. Three were dead and the others were close behind.

There was no food. No water. It was February These were sled dogs.

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Mixed breeds built for speed and endurance and to make money for the humans who are supposed to take care of them. And like all dogs, they are entitled to a certain level of care. But when the money dries up or is spent elsewhere, the dogs lose. Abandoned, turned loose, sold, given away, or killed. I say this not to be dramatic, but because more often than not, it's the truth. These twelve dogs, along with another 17 found on the property survived and are now getting a second chance at life, as pets. With the remarkable community that has grown because of the sleddies here out west, the staff and volunteers at the Thunder Bay and District Humane Society agreed to entrust us with some of their special crew.

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Mary Kate and Ashley were to arrive at , but their flight from Vancouver was delayed once… then twice. At they arrived. They were the first "baggage" to arrive at the claim area - Ashley in the lead, then Mary Kate. The kennels were off loaded and moved to the side. Opened carefully so the dogs could be double-leashed for safety.

Ranger Tugs R29S Kismet Orientation Day

First out was Ashley. She came out willingly and her GPS unit was attached right away. The production, along with the neon welcome signs had created a stir, and a crowd had gathered to watch.

People were wondering what the fuss was all about - why was everyone hugging, laughing, smiling and wiping away tears? And how cute were these dogs!? When we told them they were sled dogs, people were amazed at their size. A chance for a potty break first and then off to the van where the girls jumped in without hesitation. Once secured inside, off they went. Thank you so much, it was a wonderful surprise for us today! Kenny Marrs met us at the boat in the morning of day two of our orientation. We have seen Kenny in action, the dedication to his customers needs is intuitive and honest.

After our dockside training was complete Kenny went with us for a sea trial and our maiden voyage on the new Kismet. One of the first things we noticed was the stability of the ride.

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The Volvo Penta D4 hp engine runs with authority but yet is relatively quiet. Kenny reviewed the breaking in procedure, impeller, filter, and oil maintenance. I could go on and on but there were way to many topics covered to review in a blog post. Thank you Ranger Tugs for being the professionals that you all are. Special thanks to Tim Bates and Kenny Marrs for sharing us with their knowledge and expertise.

We left…. Sea Magazine just did a fantastic article about the crew of Kismet in their August issue. Find out more about this amazing lifestyle choice.

Go where you…. Puget Sound is the second-largest estuary in the country. It was formed around 15, years ago by a massive glacier moving south across the area. This glacier was over 3,….

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