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But to win the spelling bee, she will have to listen to what she's always telling Theodore: Believe in yourself, and don't be afraid. This ebook features an illustrated biography of Hilma Wolitzer, including rare photos and never-before-seen documents from the author's personal collection.

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ISBN: Branch Call Number: eBook hoopla. Characteristics: 1 online resource. Additional Contributors: hoopla digital. From the critics. Comment Add a Comment. Age Add Age Suitability. Summary Add a Summary. There's a hollowness in her chest, and a sensation of dread that she can't identify or shake. Was it something she's done, or forgotten to do? As she scours her mind for A sympathetic and practical handbook for aspiring writers shows readers how to develop their own creativity and how to form support networks with other writers, offering tips on creating writing workshops, building a handy reference library, useful w Pregnant, recently widowed, and hoping for transformation, a young woman moves to Los Angeles with her teenage stepdaughter Linda has known only a few worthwhile men, and the good ones have a nasty habit of dying young.

While teaching at the Newar Paulie Flax decides to leave Howard, her unfaithful husband of nearly twenty-five years, but on the eve of her defection, Howard suffers a heart attack and belatedly realizes that he truly loves Paulie As her marriage disintegrates, a woman finds that living for herself might be just what her relationship needs It's , and Paulette has just gotten into trouble in the backseat of a car. She was the only grownup I knew who kept scrapbooks of movie stars. My mother always said that Mrs. Golub was star-struck, and when she said it she shook her head to let us know that Mrs.

Golub was someone to feel sorry for, like an orphan. Poor foolish Mrs. She lived all alone and it was said that she talked to herself when there was no one else to listen. That morning Mrs. Golub was waiting for us just outside the building, her breath blowing out in little white clouds. So handsome! So debonair! Clark was Clark Gable, the famous actor.

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Actors and actresses were all Mrs. Golub ever talked about. And she talked about them as if she knew them personally, as if they were her very best friends, calling them Joan and Clark and Barbara.

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Golub said, walking along beside us. Average Housewife would do if she had to put up with all the pressures of the Silver Screen. All that kissing and hugging they have to do, for the cameras. They just want to be treated like ordinary human beings, but people don't give them a chance.

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Take Bette, for instance, or Joan. I just love Joan.

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She is really a sincere person. She frowned as if she couldn't understand what I'd said, as if I had awakened her from a very deep sleep. I suppose she was dreaming of herself walking on Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood, wearing beautiful flowered beach pajamas. I had pulled her back to the slushy Brooklyn street. She touched her tight henna-red curls with one hand and tugged on the fox collar of her coat with the other.

It seemed useless but I went on anyway, for Theodore's sake. She bent down and pulled the cap back from Theodore's forehead. He was always very pale in the winter and his eyes and hair were pale as well. He looked back at her like a sleepy rabbit.

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He snuffled and blinked. Theodore wriggled. Golub ordered. It wouldn't make it.

It just wouldn't photograph. God knows, a thing like that could make you or break you in Hollywood. Between you and me, I heard that John had to have his remade before they'd even touch him.


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I sighed. I wasn't the least bit interested in turning Theodore into a movie star. I was just hoping that Mrs. Golub would say something nice about him to give him some self-confidence. But it was no use. If the subject wasn't movie stars and Hollywood, Mrs. Golub simply wasn't interested. I was glad when we got to school and she said goodbye to us.

Theodore and I entered the schoolyard, where the lines were already forming for the different grades. Theodore shuffled over to the first-grade line and I joined my best friend, Mitzi Bloom, who was standing with the other sixth-graders.

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Mitzi and I were opposites. She was tall and slender and she had fine blond hair, and I was short and a little plump and my head was a mess of dark curls. We had been best friends since the first grade. Sometimes we had terrible fights and wouldn't talk to each other for days, but we couldn't stay angry forever. For one thing, Mitzi told wonderful jokes and almost any time you looked at her she was smiling or making crazy faces or doing something goofy that made you laugh. For another thing, I was always on the Honor Roll at school, ever since the first grade, and Mitzi didn't do too well in arithmetic and spelling, even though she was very smart.

So we really needed each other. I liked school, even though I would never admit it to anyone. I even liked the school smells, the chalk, the musty smell of the clothes closet, the paper and ink smells of the books when I opened them on my desk. We had a sunny, cheerful room that year.

Our teacher, Miss Cohen, had plants all over the place, and pictures hanging on every wall. There were signs about the war effort too. Sometimes when Mitzi looked at the signs she would get a strange sad expression on her face and I knew she was thinking about her brother, Buddy, who was in the Army somewhere in Germany.