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Want to enhance your smile? There are tons of great deals that will help you take your smile and your selfies to the next level.

Crest Whitestrips: Do They Work? And Are They Safe?

So, get ready to head back to school ready to accomplish anything with pretty, pearly white teeth—from great deals on electric toothbrushes to whitening strips and healthy toothpaste options, Amazon has got you covered. Picture how happy your dentist will be when you share that you finally made the switch to an electric toothbrush and that you saved big on a teeth-whitening kit. Your average teeth whitening strips get an extra boost with this set from Crest, which features a specially engineered blue light to penetrate the enamel surface. This weakens yellow stains faster than strips alone, bringing you one step closer to an amazing smile.

This Oral-B toothbrush is here to make you and your dentist very happy.

The Most Effective Whitening Options

No teeth-whitening method offers permanent results. How long your results will last depends mostly on how you care for your teeth after whitening. Avoiding foods and drinks that stain teeth, such as coffee, tea, chocolate and red wine, will extend the results.

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Usually, you can expect results to last for up to a year. How much does it cost to have your teeth whitened? You may also like. How much does a tooth filling cost? Need an MRI?

Electric toothbrush for travel

Why the Senate health care bill should scare you into saving more. The LED kit is estimated to be three times faster than whitening strips. It comes with nine whitening pens what the startup estimates as two full whitening treatments and an LED mouthguard and storing case. The mouthpiece is powered by your smartphone, so you don't have to wait around by an outlet or remember to charge it before using. It's ready when you are. Smile Direct Club. To use, you twist one of the whitening pens to drive the gel to the applicator, apply it to your teeth evenly avoiding gums , and pop in the mouthguard with its LED accelerator light.

Crest 3D Professional Effects Teeth Strips Kit, 40 Treatments, Twin Pack -

After five minutes, you remove the light and unplug it from your phone. Spit out the excess foam and use lukewarm water to rinse the mouthguard. Do this twice in the morning, and twice at night for a full four sessions.

Avoid eating foods that can stain your teeth for 24 hours. According to SmileDirectClub, you should whiten for one week every six months. In person, the device is well-designed and easy to use.

How To Whiten Teeth at Home Affordably

The LED light mouthguard is hands-free and smart-phone powered iPhone or Android , so you can be tethered to your phone rather than an outlet. It requires minimal battery power to run, and this solves any issues with needing to charge a device before using — a con of the Glo Brilliant device. SmileDirectClub says the nine whitening pens should equal two full treatments plus a bonus pen , but I found their estimates to be extremely conservative — even with evenly coating my teeth in gel, I got about four times more use out of the pens than expected.

You could technically just buy the whitening pens and use them without the mouthpiece to save money initially, but it's the LED light — and how the hydrogen peroxide reacts to it — that is likely to give you the best results. If you're not interested in the LED mouthguard, you may just want to stick to strips.