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Loop the loops? Rotating windmill obstacles?

Well their loss, we say, as unlike its elder sport, crazy golf doesn't require membership, or for you to fork out hundreds of pounds on a driver you'll inevitably smash against a tree in anger. No, all you need are some friends, a true aim, and a little putter.

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Ghetto Golf, Liverpool. Ever wanted to organise a piss-up in a brewery? Well now you can. Swingers, London. Golf is a sport with a refined and, some would say, elitist appeal.

Driving Range

If that wasn't enough, there's also another Swingers in the West End, so when you've finished your first round, head west down Chancery Lane for even more fun! Jurassic Parrr, Glasgow. A thrilling crazy golf course dedicated to gigantic beasts and prehistoric fossils no, not Colin Montgomerie , Jurassic Parrr is worth a trip for giant dinosaur builds and clever course design alone.

Holy in one! Nine-hole crazy golf course to be installed in Rochester Cathedral

The Lost City, Nottingham. Get jungle fever inside Nottingham's Lost City. Birdies, London. Luckily for you, there's also Birdies, a boutique nine-hole course featuring loops and half pipes galore — just watch out for the elevated 5-foot drop onto the sixth hole.

Crazy Golf in Manchester | Junkyard Golf Club

Due to re-open for a winter season at the beginning of November, clear space in your diary now. A wealthy American, James Barber, decided he would like a Scottish style microscopic golf course of his own.

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Wentague County Club held an obstacle golf course tournament — the obstacles included an iron pipe, hurdles and a sheet with a hole in the centre. The craze kicked off for these mini golf course and they started popping up throughout America.

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  • Down side streets, kids used to build their own courses using cans, washtubs and wooden boards, charging 1 cent a game. By August, there were 16 course in the UK and around 50, courses had been built across America. Courses throughout America began to replicate key landmarks, including replicas of Yellowstone Park and the Grand Canyon.

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