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The short hair , makes this look edgier! Pick any hairstyle when you have beautiful hair color in your hair, and you will look stunning.

These braids work well with the colors. Ombre hair is a popular hair coloring trend.

The colors you choose for an ombre can make a huge difference. Choose this blue and black ombre hair for a well-transitioned look. Choose as a darker or lighter shade of blue as you like. The colors here are very captivating. These vibrant hues are sure to bring out the best in you! Try these blue and purple hair colors and look young and funky!

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Get this magical hairdo, and we know you will love it! This light mix of colors have a very fairy tale like, and we are digging it! The blonde hair turned into turquoise and dark blue looks very nice. This is a unique one. Here are also some slight hints of purple at the ends to round up the look.

The teal and purple have a trendy choice and it is a great option if you have short hair. We love how nice and well put together this look is.

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The bluish-purple short hair is elevated into a new level with the use of bangs. The intensity of the colors makes this a striking hair color. This is a bold choice of colors. Another dye from Arctic Fox, this one is called Navy blue. Try this cool hair dye and make sure you take care of your locks afterward. Natura curls will go very well with bold colors.

The colors will look great if you mix and match them to bring out your complexion. You can opt for some dark shades all over or change things up with a variety of colors. Check out this hair color with the mix of silver, blue and lavender hues. The colors have added depth and dimension to the hair entirely.

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The darker blue here goes well with the lighter purplish lavender hues. This is a good choice for young girls who want a subtle hairdo. When you dye your hair in such bright blues, you need to to take extra care of your locks. Make sure you use safe color shampoo to keep the colors bright. Here are some short hair color ideas for you. You can try any of these combinations, and we are sure you will love the results. You can pick on any style once you color your hair in bright, vibrant hues.

Use a hair-curler to get some texture and shape in your hair. If you feel like you want some natural curls, you can brush through your curled hair. This will give you a natural, effortless curly hair. Bobs are a trendy hair cut, and we love when the simple haircut is styled with some bold hair colors.

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The colors here in this bob are exquisite. The dark blue and violet hues make your hair look mysterious and add depth to them. Style them with similar colored accessories to add details.

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If you have straight hair, you can try this purple and blue hair color. The purple hue lies on top of the blue and the colors transition very smoothly. Pastel pink hair is adorable, and it goes well with the bright blue. The curls here exaggerate the colors and gives it a high shine.

Add hints of pink hair color to make the hair lighter and fun. Choose the hair color hues as lighter or darker as you like. The blend of unicorn hair colors here are beautiful. In addition to the colors, the hair jewelry adds so much flair, and elegance to the look. Here we have traces of silver hair that adds light to the hair and breaks through all the dark colors. Color alternative strands of your hair in purples and blues and enjoy this fun look. There are many options for you here, and we are sure you will love this irregular color pattern. You can do this with lighter shades of blue and purple or go a little dark on the colors.

Nonetheless, they look beautiful. Keep your roots darker and opt for a deep blue hue to bring out the best in you. This is a great look if you have blue eyes. Get gorgeous and glamorous with the best of blues and purples. The shades are sure to steal hearts!

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A bow is a great way to look pretty and cute for teenagers. If you have colored hair, the bow will pop out even more! Try throwing in some grey tones on your hair and get a unique combination of grey, blue and purple hair for yourself! This is a very different look and will surely keep you happy for long. Keep your locks straightened and enjoy how beautiful the dark oceanic blue and light purple looks on you! The blue and purple hair trend is surely filled with hairstyles like these.

Get the feels of the space with the galaxy hair dye trend. You will feel otherworldly with this choice of hair colors for sure! These colors are going to make you wish that you could live in the fantasy world of beautiful colors. Crazy Colors. A wonderful shade that is truly attractive. There are many different colors that are truly wonderful. This royal blue shade is truly shockingly beautiful. You are sure to turn heads with these shades of purple and blue.