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  5. Preventing childhood injuries and diseases means developing good habits early.

Ubah is a mother of three in the Somali region in Ethiopia. Her family, like many others in the dry, sparsely-populated region, earns a living by raising livestock and lives far from health facilities.

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He, along with other community volunteers, identifies symptoms of vaccine-preventable diseases and identifies vaccine defaulters to get them back on the routine schedule. I now advise people to vaccinate their children and protect them from illness. Ubah follows the vaccination schedule for her six-month-old son and proudly keeps his vaccination card at home. This investment has resulted in a cohort of over 11, community health volunteers that have helped eliminate polio in Ethiopia and now serve as critical links to immunization in hard-to-reach areas, such as Somali, and with mobile, cross-border populations.

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They help identify and track symptoms of vaccine-preventable diseases, such as paralysis due to polio, which are often an indication of pockets of poor vaccination coverage. Volunteers also connect communities to health facilities for routine immunizations and identify children who are behind schedule.

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Today's post contains the first effective alternative to punishment. Next week, I'll post the second one. This way, you can try out what you learn from this groundbreaking information.

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This allows you to see for yourself how well these parenting tips work. As the old saying goes, "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

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As a parent, I'm sure you've had moments when you foresaw a disaster that was about to occur. And if we take a moment to think about it, we can usually foresee other recipes for disasters. Taking proactive steps to prevent these unnecessary stresses in your life and the life of your child will make a big difference in reducing the number of upsets in your family.

There are simple ways to use prevention. If you know your child is going to get into the cookies, put them where he can't reach or find them. If giving your child a sweet dessert at night makes her stay up too late, then change your desserts habits.

If you don't want your child getting onto your computer, then don't make your computer so accessible for them; shut the door to your home office, or put the computer out of sight. You'll avoid cleaning up unnecessary messes.


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And you'll avoid unnecessary upsets and needless stressing out. Prevention is the perfect companion to cultivating non-reaction. Because oftentimes, kids simply react to the environment you set up for them, you can set up the day to go smoothly, or be a chaotic mess.

If your children are similar in age, you'll want to child-proof your house so there are duplicates of the same toys.