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Our faith journey is the path that leads us to God and fills this hole in our heart. The Bible also says that we find our rest in God.

In the book of Jeremiah, chapter it says this: Stand at the crossroads and look; ask for the ancient paths, ask where the good way is, and walk in it and you will find rest for your souls. He loves you just as you are. He says to you—come as you are…I love you. You maybe wandering down the wrong path right now or you may be lost in the woods.

He offers a future of hope. Admit it.

This is the most important step of all in your faith journey. Believe that God sent his son, Jesus, to die for you, in your place, once and for all opening the hope of heaven to you. That is why we are talking about a journey of faith here. Take a moment in your journey to stop and pray—simply thank Jesus for dying for you, forgiving you and giving you eternal life in heaven with him. Ask him to guide you along your life-path and shape your life in the right direction.

We must continue this journey of faith

You will be with him forever. Take a deep breath. They will be there to remind you of the hope you now have.

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The journey of faith is an expedition, not a short stroll. There will still be mountains to climb and storms that roll by, but there will always be beautiful sunrises and sunsets along your path. Throw a Bible in your backpack and fix your eyes on Jesus. Theme: Adventure v3 by Organic Themes.

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Start your journey of faith A journey is the act of traveling from one place to another, and the word has often been used to describe our walk through life. God is Harvey.

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Decades of culture wars had sullied the whole institution for me and millions of others who stood on the same precipice, looking back in. David was a priest at an Episcopal church in south Austin and the author of two books. After the Texas legislature allowed people to openly carry handguns in public and concealed weapons into public universities, David wrote a piece for the Huffington Post advocating the open carry of prayer beads, not bullets.

I thought he was a good writer and reached out to chat. Turned out he was also a runner, like me, so we planned to get some miles. This alone filled another growing void. I ran semi-regularly with an old college buddy, Lee, whom I met occasional for a beer, but I had no standing weekly engagements to look forward to.


Recent studies show that for men, this middle-age drift into isolation can be more harmful than obesity or smoking. The remedy? No more bowling alone, or running, for that matter. David and I were in the same situation: we were both 40 with three kids and busy work schedules, and we had little time set aside for friendships.

So we started meeting up every Monday, then again on Saturdays with Lee, before eventually adding Thursdays, too. Hot or cold, sleep or no sleep, we ran.

Abraham: A Journey of Faith

But as the months passed by, we began to open up more, and I soon learned that David had experienced his own journey back to faith with some parallels to mine. While his father was a pastor, mine raged and rebelled against the fire and brimstone of his youth. But unable to chart his own spiritual course, he resorted to raising us with what he knew. While David joined the US Marine Corps reserves and enrolled in seminary, I went to college and, like my own father, built a great wall between me and the Lord. While David got married and became a youth pastor at an evangelical church in Pennsylvania, I moved to New York to work in magazines.

In , following the invasion of Iraq, David was commissioned as a chaplain in the army and later went to Baghdad. After rotating home, he discovered his wife — and the mother of his two children — had been having an affair.


The marriage ended shortly before his deployment to Walter Reed army medical center, where he worked in the psych and amputee ward with men and women suffering severe trauma. The divorce, plus the crippling depression triggered by his own post-traumatic stress, finally forced a crack in his faith. But that God disappeared on me when I needed him most and I was alone.

Faith Journeys - Bourne Abbey Church

I distanced myself from everything that represented that God — church, faith, hope and love. Around the time David joined the army, I moved to Africa to become a freelance correspondent and wound up in eastern Congo, covering a largely neglected war that had killed millions. For three years I reported military operations, massacres, and cholera outbreaks, losing count of how many children I saw buried in some unfamiliar ground where their families had sought refuge.